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Fixed Windows offer a large area of glass for an uncluttered and contemporary look.

Immerse your Gold Coast home in a timeless blend of strength and sophistication with our Fixed Windows. True to their name, these windows stand resolutely as immobile fixtures, serving as an impeccable complement to the architectural ensemble of your living spaces. Crafted with meticulous precision, the robust 100mm frames of our Fixed Windows symbolize unparalleled strength, offering a durable and lasting solution to meet your diverse architectural needs.

In spaces where the priority shifts from ventilation to aesthetic prominence, Fixed Windows confidently take center stage. Their design focuses on optimizing the intake of natural light, creating an ambiance that bathes your interiors in a warm glow. Furthermore, these windows transcend mere functionality; they are design elements with versatility at their core. Positioned as side lites or hi lites, they contribute to the creation of visually stunning architectural features when thoughtfully paired with other windows and doors throughout your Gold Coast home.

Our Fixed Windows proudly feature full joint sealing and an absence of exposed drain holes, ensuring exceptional weatherproofing performance. This unique characteristic makes them an ideal choice, particularly in environments susceptible to high noise levels. For those who seek an elevated living experience, our Fixed Windows can be upgraded to showcase double glazing. This premium enhancement not only boosts energy efficiency but also delivers enhanced acoustic performance, introducing an additional layer of insulation and tranquility to your cherished living spaces. Choose Fixed Windows, where strength meets design excellence, for a home that stands out with enduring elegance.

Product Features

Colours Options
Available in a range of both Standard and Special Colours.
Glass Options
Tinting, Obscure and Energy Efficient Options.
Tested to Australian standards
Our products have been tested and comply with industry standards.
Alternative Glazing
Ability to be either Internally or Externally glaze depending on site requirements.
Range of Configurations
Variety of window style configurations when combined with other Windows.
Warranty Backed
1 year warranty on moving parts, 6 year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials

Standard Configurations



Custom Black Matt
Pearl White Gloss
Ultra Silver Gloss
Monument Matt®

Non Standard (Incurs additional cost)

Woodland Grey® Matt
Clear Anodised 25UM
Stone Beige Matt
Primrose Gloss
White Birch Gloss
Anodic Bronze Satin
Hammersley Brown Satin


Double Glazing Logo
Flame Shield Logo
Solar Comfort Logo
Sound Smart Logo


Frame Size67mm100mm
Maximum Window Height5325mm5325mm
Maximum Window Width6400mm6400mm
Maximum Glass Thickness24mm24mm