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Available Frame Colours

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Available Frame Colours

Custom Black Frame
Custom Black Matt

Paint Code: GN248A

Ultra Silver F
Ultra Silver Gloss

Paint Code: GY070A

Pearl White Frame
Pearl White Gloss

Paint Code: GA078A

Woodland Grey Frame
Woodland Grey® Matt

Paint Code: GL205A

Monument Frame
Monument Matt®

Paint Code: GL229A

Jasper Frame
Jasper® Matt

Paint Code: GM214A

Ironstone Frame
Ironstone Matt

Paint Code: GL236A

Clear Anodized Frame
Clear Anodised 25UM

Paint Code: CL25UM

Dune Frame
Dune Matt

Paint Code: GL252A

Primrose Frame
Primrose Gloss

Paint Code: GD037A

White Birch Frame
White Birch Gloss

Paint Code: GA057A

Stone Beige Frame
Stone Beige Matt

Paint Code: GD247A

Anodic Bronze Frame
Anodic Bronze Satin

Paint Code: GY114A

Deep Ocean Frame
Deep Ocean® Matt

Paint Code: GJ203A

Hammersley Brown Frame
Hammersley Brown Satin

Paint Code: GM100A




The colours on this chart have been matched as close as possible, however when accepting a quote please make sure you check the colour on a showroom display or against an aluminium metal sample for accurate colour matching.