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Stacker Doors are a great way to open up a room to the outdoors while being able to be screened.

Enhance your home and infuse it with more natural light by considering the addition of residential stacker doors. These doors provide a modern and functional solution, available in diverse combinations to suit a wide range of architectural styles. Composed of multiple sliding panels that can be effortlessly stacked together, residential stacker doors create a seamless opening, typically crafted from high-quality Aluminium for durability and longevity.

Designed with a high-performance roller system and offering a choice of a 20mm or 40mm door sash for added strength, residential stacker doors ensure smooth operation and durability. Configuration possibilities include different panel combinations, allowing for stacking to one end or opening from the center. Notably, the corner stacking option provides flexibility for opening up unconventional room shapes.

A noteworthy feature is the cavity stacking door, seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor living spaces. Equipped with a drain subsill integration to prevent trip hazards, this option ensures a seamless transition. Moreover, residential stacker doors offer versatility and convenience by accommodating security screens or flyscreens, ensuring safety and pest-free ventilation.

At C-View Windows, we recognize that your Gold Coast home is an expression of your style and personality. Our pride lies in custom-building residential stacker doors that cater to your specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s a particular color, material, size, panel combinations, or additional features, we can create a tailored solution that perfectly complements your home.

In conclusion, residential stacker doors present an elegant and convenient way to elevate your home. Their customizable nature, paired with a diverse array of panel combinations, ensures compatibility with various architectural styles. Additionally, the incorporation of added security and screening features makes them both practical and visually appealing. Elevate your home with the timeless sophistication and functionality of residential stacker doors.

Product Features

Colours Options
Available in a range of both Standard and Special Colours.
Glass Options
Tinting, Obscure and Energy Efficient Options.
Lockable Hardware
Handle includes a mortice lock for superior security
Screen Options
Integrated screen track to support fly / safety or Invisi-Guard fitted to the outside
Tested to Australian standards
Our products have been tested and comply with industry standards.
Range of Configurations
Corner and cavity stacker configurations allow for the creation of luxury indoor/outdoor spaces
Warranty Backed
1 year warranty on moving parts, 6 year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials.

Standard Configurations

(Hover to see openings)

FSSS-Open FSSS-Closed

SSSF-Open SSSF-Closed


SS-Cavity-Open SS-Cavity-Closed

Cavity-SS-Open Cavity-SS-Closed

Cavity-SSSS-Cavity Cavity-SSSS-Cavity-Closed

Corner-Internal-Open Corner-Internal-Closed

Corner-External-Open Corner-External-Closed



Custom Black Matt
Pearl White Gloss
Ultra Silver Gloss
Monument Matt®

Non Standard (Incurs additional cost)

Woodland Grey® Matt
Clear Anodised 25UM
Stone Beige Matt
Primrose Gloss
White Birch Gloss
Anodic Bronze Satin
Hammersley Brown Satin


Double Glazing Logo
Flame Shield Logo
Solar Comfort Logo
Sound Smart Logo


Commercial Only


Frame Size140mm166mm150mm/200mm/250mm
Maximum Door Height2450mm2700mm3100mm
Maximum Door Width6246mm7200mm12000mm
Maximum Panel Width1350mm1350mm1800mm
Maximum Panel Weight50kgs100kgs160kgs
Maximum Glass Thickness6.76mm12.76mm28mm
Maximum Wind Rating3000pa ULS4500pa ULS6000pa ULS
Maximum Water Rating300pa600pa650pa
Maximum Acoustic RatingRW30RW44RW34
Maximum Bushfire RatingBAL 40BAL 40BAL 40