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Sound Smart

Sound Smart will improve your acoustic insulation

C-View Windows Sound Smart windows and doors are designed for improved acoustic insulation. Windows and Doors are the thinnest parts of a house, which makes them critical in reducing noise from the outside. Especially in homes along heavily trafficked roads or in close vicinity of airports, railway lines or factories.  You can choose from single glazed laminated glass to double glazed units depending on the level of outside noise and comfort required.


  • High performance acoustic glazing seals in order to block air gaps and reduce vibration of glass and frame
  • Single glazed laminated glass with special acoustic interlayer to reflect and absorb more sound energy
  • Double glazed glass with air space between two panes of glass absorbs more sound energy

Sound Reduction

  • Sound reduction will improve with increased glass thickness due to the greater mass involved
  • Sound reduction will decrease somewhat with increasingly larger glass areas but not enough to make much difference in the majority of architectural glass sizes
  • Sound reduction will improve with the use of laminated glass due to the vibration dampening effect of the PVB interlayer
  • Sound reduction will improve with the use of glass/ airspace combinations, but the performance is critically dependent upon the width of the airspace. An airspace of 100mm is generally regarded as a minimum for reasonable benefits at medium to high frequencies. The optimum airspace is about 300mm