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Double Glazing

Double Glazing – Two Panels of Glass are Better than One

Double Glazing is designed to reduce the amount of warmth lost during winter and prevent unwanted heat gain during summer – helping homes stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. They consist of two panels of glass bonded together by a spacer and separated by a argon gas filled space. The air gap acts as a thermal barrier between the inner and outer pieces of glass, creating an effective insulation system. The warm edge spacer made of an extruded, thermoset polymer structural silicone foam which delivers exceptional thermal performance, argon gas retention and long-term durability.

Our Double Glazing provides superior climate control, noise reduction and strength. They provide many benefits when compared to ordinary single glazed glass including improved energy efficiency, lower energy costs, improved occupant comfort and reduced condensation. Other features include greater reduction in noise when combined with either standard Laminate glass or Sound Smart Acoustic Laminate glass.

Double Glazing Range

DuoPlus – Features double glazed units made from either 2 pieces of standard glass or 1 piece of high performance Low E glazing and 1 piece of standard glass

DuoUltra L0 – Features 2 pieces high performance Low E glazing with toughened safety glass as standard.

DuoUltra L1 – Features 2 pieces high performance Low E glazing with 1 piece being laminated safety glass for added UV and noise reduction.

DuoUltra L2 – Features 2 pieces high performance Low E glazing with 1 piece being Acoustic laminated safety glass for added UV and noise reduction.

Double Glazing Performance

  • Reduce energy costs by up to 23% when compared to ordinary windows and doors

To view energy ratings for our windows and doors click on the links below.

C-View Windows Energy Ratings
They are specific ratings of glass and frame combinations that have been independently simulated and then passed through an audit process by WERS for independent companies.


  • Double Glazed units can be made with either Float, Toughened or Laminate Glass and in a range of glass types including Clear, Tint or Low E
  • Reduce the incidence of condensation on the glass of windows and doors during winter with the use of warm edge Super Spacers.
  • Double glazed glass with air space between two panes of glass absorbs more sound energy
  • Reduction of heat buildup in summer and reduction in heat loss in winter
  • Excellent UV resistance (when using laminate glass)
  • Improves occupany comfort, reduces condensation build up within Double Glazing units
  • Reduces heating and cooling energy costs
  • Increased wind load strength and security
  • Dual seal system with PIB primary, polysulphine or silicone secondary seals for added durability
  • Spacer appearance is a smooth matte dark grey finish
  • Spacer range 8/10/12/14/16/20mm
  • WERS compliant products – Window Energy Rating Scheme