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Prestige Gas Strut Windows

Gas Strut Windows are the perfect kitchen servery window.

The Gas Strut Windows offer a highly functional and unique option for kitchen servery windows or for spaces that require optimum access. Their unique designs opens the window to 90 degree which allows them to easily capture the cool breezes of summer. When closed, they provided uninterrupted views which acts like a picture frame of the outside.

The window is able to be manufactured with a window sill for waterproofing or without a sill in protected areas. The gas strut servery window unique design allows it to sit on top of your bench without the need to cutting holes into the bench as the locking system bolts into the sides. Gas Strut Windows are not only great for kitchens but also bathrooms and even living or bedrooms where you want an uninterrupted view.

All of our windows are professional fitted with high performance stainless steel gas struts. The gas struts are set to the correct pressure based on the size and weight of each window, to provide a smooth, effortless operation. To open all you need to do is give the window a slight push and the gas struts take over and open the window to 90 degrees. To close you, you can either go to the outside and pull the window down via our coloured pull handle or utilize a pole from inside that hooks onto the optional ring pull handle.

Worried about flies and mosquitoes? Not to worry as this window can be fitted with a retractable flyscreen which mounts along the top of the window and is pulled down. When opened the screen rolls up into a cassette to hide away from sight, providing a clean, contemporary look.

Finally you will be happy to know that all of our Gas Strut Windows are custom built to your particular need. 


  • Ideal servery window providing a full 90 degree opening
  • The window is either fully opened or closed
  • Maximises natural airflow with wide openings
  • Available in 100mm aluminium frame
  • Available with a sill or no sill (no sill option does not meet any water requirements)
  • Effortless smooth opening by high performance stainless steel struts and hinges
  • Self-latching locking system with out the need for holes in the frame or cut into your bench
  • Coloured Pull handle available in White, Black or Silver
  • Optional Ring pull handle that can be pulled close by a pole
  • Able to screen utilizing a retractable flyscreen to the inside
  • Gas Strut Windows can be packaged for transport across Australia
  • 1 year warranty on moving parts
  • 6 year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials

Maximum Bushfire Rating - BAL 40

Standard Configurations

Gas Strut Window

Frame Colours

Custom Black Low Sheen


Ultra Silver Gloss


Pearl White Gloss


Woodland Grey (Slate Grey)


Jasper Low Sheen


Ironstone Low Sheen


Clear Anodised 25UM


Monument Matt


Dune Matt


Primrose Gloss


White Birch Gloss


Stone Beige Matt


Anodic Bronze Satin


Deep Ocean (Mountain Blue)


Hamersley Brown Satin


Product Statistics

Frame Size(s) 100mm
Maximum Window Height 1500mm
Maximum Window Width 2400mm
Maximum Glass Thickness 6.38mm