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What are timber reveals?

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November 13, 2020

What is a timber reveal?

Put simply, a reveal is the timber that surrounds a window or door, (you may know the bottom reveal as a windowsill on windows). Reveals can assist in fitting the window or door into the opening and architraves are attached to the reveal to cover the gap left by the plasterboard. Reveals are useful but might not be right for every job due to different construction type or preferences.

What reveal size do I need?

The size of reveals you need, if any, depends on the construction you are using for the build, while we can offer custom reveals cut to the size you prefer, the following is the basic rule of thumb we use when determining which reveal is right for you.

This depends on the construction you are using for the build and the stud sizing. For example if you are building with Brick Veneer with a 70mm or 90mm stud, you would use either 116mm or 140mm reveals respectively. Or perhaps you are building a timber/cladded house? Well that would mean 80mm or 100mm reveals, again respectively.

What is you are building out of blockwork? Well usually we would take the fins off the windows that the reveals normally attach to and not allow for reveals, this allows the window to be positioned without the timber surrounding the window.

Window in Cladding

Window in Brickwork

Stud Brick Veneer (70mm/90mm Studs):

For a Brick Veneer building we would suggest 116mm(70) or 140mm(90) pre primed reveals.

Timber/Cladded (70mm/90mm Studs):

For a Timber or Cladded building we would suggest 80mm(70) or 100mm(90) pre primed reveals.


For Blockwork reveals are usually not used, the windows have the fins removed and the product is angle fitted.

Still unsure give us a call or come in to our Burleigh showroom and have a chat!

When ordering a window or door, its important to consider what type of construction is being used so the proper order can be placed. Be sure to check with your builder/installer to ensure you have the most information possible. If you are ever unsure we are always available for a chat.

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