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Fixed Windows

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Maximum Acoustic Rating - RW38
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Maximum Bushfire Rating - BAL40
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Maximum Water Rating - 600 pa

Fixed Windows offer a large area of glass for an uncluttered and contemporary look.

Fixed Windows are stationary windows often used to compliment other windows and doors. They are made out of robust 100mm frames for superior strength. They are best in areas where ventilation is not a big concern and natural light or a beautiful view needs to be maximised. They can also be used as side lites or hi lites to form an architecturally stunning feature with other windows and doors.

Our Fixed Windows feature full joint sealing and no exposed drain holes, providing superior weatherproofing performance and make them an ideal choice in high noise areas. For improved performance energy or acoustic performance this window can be upgraded to having double glazing.

Fixed Windows Features

  • Best for areas with views and require natural light
  • Superior strength thanks to robust 100mm frames
  • Ability to be either Internally or Externally glaze depending on site requirements
  • Variety of window style configurations when combined with other Windows
  • Product is able to be Double Glazed
  • Tested to Australian standards
  • 1 year warranty on moving parts
  • 6 year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials

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Frame Colours


Standard Configurations

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FFF Closed


Product Statistics

Frame Size67mm / 100mm
Maximum Window Height5325mm
Maximum Window Width6400mm
Maximum Glass Thickness24mm

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