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Maximum Bushfire Rating - BAL 40

Supascreens let the fresh air in but thats all

Supascreens are available to complement all of our windows and doors. Supascreens offers the comfort of fresh air flowing through your home allowing you to enjoy the clear and unobstructed 156 degreee views of the outdoors.

The strength and durability of Supascreens doors and windows offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family and home are secure. They are designed to withstand all that Australias harshest climate can throw at it. The high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh is held within the frame by a unique patented pressure process that eliminates the need for screws, rivets, pins or snap ins. This process ensures that no different metal surfaces come into contact with each other, eliminating the possibility of corrosion.

The National Construction Code requires the protection of window openings in bedrooms that are located within 1700mm of the internal finished floor level and where the external fall externally is greater than 2 meters. All other rooms that are located within 895mm of the internal finished floor level and where the fall externally is greater than 4 meters will also need to be protected. This is where Supascreen windows excel as the fixed window screen has been proven to meet the fall prevention testing requirements of Australian Standard AS5203-2016.


  • Exterior screen frame can match the window or door frame colour
  • Black powder coated mesh is made from woven high tensile, 316 marine grade stainless steel
  • Enjoy 156 Degree Viewing Angle
  • Unique patented pressure process
  • Triple lock locking system available with Sliding, Stacking and Hinged Doors
  • Superior protection against flying and crawling insects and pests
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Tested and passes Security Testing (Australian Standard AS5039-2008 & AS5041-2003)
  • Tested and passes Knife Shear Testing (Australian Standard AS5039-2008 & AS5041-2003)
  • Tested and passes Fire Attenuation Testing (Australian Standard AS1530.4-2005 Appendix B7)
  • Tested and passes Bushfire Compliance Testing (Australian Standard AS3959-2009)
  • Tested and passes Cyclone Missile Impacts Testing (Australian Standard AS1170.2-2002, Clause 5.3.2 & AS1170.2-2011)
  • Tested and passes Performance Testing (Australian Standard AS5041)
  • Tested and passes Performance Testing – Single Impact (Australian Standard AS1170.2-2002, Clause 5.3.2)
  • Amplimesh Fall Prevention Technology (Australian Standard AS5203-2016)
  • Comprehensive 16 year Warranty

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