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Casement Windows

Maximum Acoustic Rating - RW38
Maximum Bushfire Rating - BAL 40
Maximum Water Rating - 600 pa

Prestige Casement Windows offer a large area of glass for an uncluttered and contemporary look.

Casement Windows are an excellent choice when you want to reduce the amount of aluminium and maximise the amount of visible glass but still require a high amount of natural airflow. If positioned correctly the Casement Window can capture the breeze and ventulate the room. The window can be opened to 90 degrees with the stay and cam handle option or 45 degrees with the chain winder option. Designing the window so that the opening portion of the window faces the breeze will provide much needed airflow. They can also be combined with Fixed Windows to provide a unique look that suits your home’s needs.

With their full joint sealing all four sides and no exposed drain holes they provide superior weatherproofing performance and make them an ideal choice in high noise areas. For improved performance energy or acoustic performance this window can be upgraded to having double glazing.

The Casement window is manufactured with stays and cam handles however screening solutions are limited to retractable solutions. Alternatively we can utilizes a stainless steel chain winder mechanism for easy operation while also giving the ability to screen the window from the inside.

Finally you will be happy to know that all of our Casement Windows are custom built to your particular need. 


  • Multi-point locking system
  • Provides natural airflow throughout the year courtesy of the window’s side hinged design
  • Traditional stays and cam handles available as standard
  • Optional Folding key lockable, stainless steel chain winder for added security
  • Full joint sealing for superior weatherproofing performance
  • Integrated screen track to support fly , safety or supascreens to the inside (with the chain winder option)
  • Variety of window style configurations when combined with Fixed Windows
  • Casement Windows are able to be Double Glazed
  • Tested to Australian standards
  • 1 year warranty on moving parts
  • 6 year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials

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Product Statistics

Frame Size100mm
Maximum Window Height2450mm
Maximum Window Width36900mm
Maximum Panel Height1800mm
Maximum Panel Width860mm
Maximum Panel Weight42kgs
Maximum Wind Rating4500pa ULS
Maximum Water Rating600pa
Maximum Glass Thickness24mm
Maximum Acoustic RatingRW38
Maximum Bushfire RatingBAL 40