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Residential Stacker Doors

Stacker Doors are a great way to open up a room to the outdoors while being able to be screened.

The Residential Stacker Doors are a modern take on a classic and is well suited to meet the needs of most architectural styles. These are good option for those people wanting to open up a room to the outdoors while also having the ability to add screens. It features a built in track to the outside making screening simple, regardless if it is flyscreeens or security.

Stacker Doors are pratical options as the don't intrude inside or outside and very easy to open with their high performance roller system. They can be configured in numerous panel combinations and can be stacked back all to one end or opening from the centre.

Our Residential Stacker Doors feature a high strength 20mm door sash and high performance roller system to provide a smooth operation. If you are looking to make a statement or have an unusual room space then why not consider a corner door or cavity stacker door? We also have the ability to have a low profile sill on these doors so that they can be used for disabled access applications.


  • Available in 140mm or 166mm aluminium frame
  • Sump sill for extreme weather conditions
  • High performance roller system ensures smooth sliding action
  • High quality seals for improved weather proofing performance
  • Handle includes a mortice lock for superior security
  • Conveniently located key cylinders allow for easy operation
  • Corner and cavity stacker configurations allow for the creation of luxury indoor/outdoor spaces
  • Optional low profile sill for pedestrian and wheel chair access
  • Integrated screen track to support fly / safety or supascreens fitted to the outside
  • Tested to Australian standards
  • 1 year warranty on moving parts
  • 6 year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials

Maximum Acoustic Rating - RW35

Maximum Bushfire Rating - BAL 40

Maximum Water Rating - 600 pa

Standard Configurations

Stacker Door SSF
Stacker Door FSS
Stacker Door FSSSSF

Frame Colours

Custom Black Low Sheen


Ultra Silver Gloss


Pearl White Gloss


Woodland Grey (Slate Grey)


Jasper Low Sheen


Ironstone Low Sheen


Clear Anodised 25UM


Monument Matt


Dune Matt


Primrose Gloss


White Birch Gloss


Stone Beige Matt


Anodic Bronze Satin


Deep Ocean (Mountain Blue)


Hamersley Brown Satin


Product Statistics

Frame Size 140mm / 166mm
Maximum Door Height 2450mm / 2700mm
Maximum Door Width 6246mm / 7200mm
Maximum Panel Width 1350mm / 1350mm
Maximum Panel Weight 50kgs / 100kgs
Maximum Glass Thickness 6.76mm / 12.76mm
Maximum Wind Rating 3000pa ULS / 4500pa ULS
Maximum Water Rating 300pa / 600pa
Maximum Acoustic Rating RW30 / RW44
Maximum Bushfire Rating BAL 40 / BAL 40