Solar Comfort

Solar Comfort energy savings that will last a lifetime

Solar Comfort is designed to simply and economically manage the heat of summer and the cold of winter, while maintaining your comfort. The Solar Comfort™ system uses low-e (emissivity) glass to reduce radiative heat transfer. It also includes high quality seals stopping heat from leaking between the low-e glass and aluminium frame. Together they increase the ability of the Solar Comfort™ system to insulate. This keeps heat inside during winter – and out during summer


  • Reduce heat loss by up to 40% when compared to ordinary clear windows and doors
  • Reduce heat gain by up to 50% when compared to ordinary clear windows and doors



  • High performance acoustic glazing seals in order to block air gaps and reduce vibration of glass and frame
  • Single glazed laminated glass with special acoustic interlayer to reflect and absorb more sound energy
  • Double glazed glass with air space between two panes of glass absorbs more sound energy


Low E Glass